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Terms of Service
The following outlines the terms of our service. These terms of service are all common sense and are a basic outline of what is allowed or not allowed:

iShoutbox is a free service by Chat4all Services. Chat4all is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network who provides free chatrooms, free webmail and free shoutboxes.

Your website, and shoutbox may not contain unsuitable material such as defined by law. Severe criminal offenses (such as child pornography) will be reported to the authorities, as required by law. Shoutboxes may not be used as an outlet for spam or be solely used to promote spam.

Restrictions Of Service
Eventhough we do not have fixed restrictions of usage, and have no paid solution, we do reserve the right to suspend your shoutbox in case its load starts having a negative effect on the overal experience of other shoutbox users. This will mostly be a case if you use this shoutbox on a very high traffic website, and include it on every page. However, we will inform you first before a suspension is in order.

You may use javascript in the header and footer to modify the shoutbox layout beyond what we currently offer. However, you may not remove any of the credits in the shoutbox or its related pages. Dangerous javascript code in the header or footer is ground for immediate suspension of the shoutbox, without prior notice.

Small advertisements (ads) may be displayed on shoutboxes. If we start placing ads, we will offer an option to have those removed for a small monthly fee.

This service is provided "as is" and may be removed without notice. Not following the above rules will lead to our service to you being terminated.


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