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Frequently Asked Questions

This page holds a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not here, please ask on our Community Forum.

Q: I registered a shoutbox, but i have not received your confirmation e-mail.

A: The e-mail could be blocked (or moved to a spam bin) by your e-mail service provider. Especially free e-mail services can be picky when it comes to blocking e-mails. It seems, from reviewing our log, that Yahoo is blocking (or moving to the spam bin) a lot more of our e-mails than other providers. Please open a ticket at and include the shoutbox name and your e-mail address.

Q: I registered a shoutbox, but it looks so different from what you have on your site, or what i see on other websites.

A: When you register a shoutbox, you have three different layout choices, from basic to complete (clone of the demo shoutbox). In your admin panel, you will find a wide range of options that you can set to customize your shoutbox. If you choose the "basic" or "normal" layout option, you can use the admin panel to manually turn on the settings that will make it look like the demo box.

Q: After i add the shoutbox code to my website, i see a horizontal and/or vertical scrollbar. The shoutbox is not fully visible.

A: The iframe code from the admin panel has 2 options (width and height). The width value is calculated using the width (in pixels) of the shoutbox using the width setting from the shoutbox settings page (shoutbox width + 25px). If you changed the width of the shoutbox after you already added the code to your website, you will have to manually change that setting in the iframe code. The "height" setting cannot be calculated, so you have to manually change that to make the shoutbox fit nicely.

Q: I want my shoutbox users to post a shout using the <enter> key, without having to use the shout button.

A: This is possible by changing the message "textarea" form field to an input box. This is done through the adminpanel in the settings page. The setting for that is called "Single line Message Field", and it is located near the bottom of the settings page.

Q: I just registered a shoutbox, but i don't see the code to add it to my website!

A: Your shoutbox code is listed in the admin panel. After you login at the admin panel, you will find the code near the top. Simply copy the code and add it to your website's html. Make sure though that you change the width and height values of the iframe code to match your shoutbox width and height.




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