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Privacy Policy
Limited amounts of your personal information is collected by us. We take your name and e-mail address for shoutbox related purposes such as confirmation- and forgotten password e-mails. None of this data will every be sold or given away to any 3rd party for any reason, unless required by law. We collect your website address and name to check that you are following our terms of service.

We also collect your password and store it in our databases, so we can make sure you are the only one to have access to your account. These passwords are encrypted and can not be viewed by anyone. When you loose your password, a new one will be sent.

As part of this privacy policy we also inform you that "cookies" are stored on your computer. We do not store tracking- or any dangerous cookies. We use them to record your login information and preferences, and (if you so choose) a setting that allows you to stay logged in indefinately.

Facebook Login
We offer the option to connect your Facebook account to iShoutbox. This will make it easier for you to login. The first time you use this, Facebook will ask your permission for us to access your information.

The information Facebook provides us about you is used initially to fill in your first name and e-mail address in the shoutbox user registration form. You are free to replace that information with something else. After that, we only access your Facebook profile picture to give you the option to use that as your shoutbox profile. No other data is being stored by us, or used by us. Note that the admins of the shoutbox you register on are able to see your e-mail address.

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