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View Time - Current time in the shoutbox
View Users Online - Current users on the shoutbox
Post Shouts - With a name and a message
Optional Website Field - For shouts
Smilies - Small codes such as :) become images
USBC - Universal Shout Box Code
View Shouts - As many as you set in the admin panel
Edit Shouts - Users can edit their shouts for a fixed time you set in the admin panel
Delete Shouts - Users can delete their shouts for a fixed time you set in the admin panel
Imposter Identification - If set in the admin panel, users will be able to see if a shout is really posted by the user who posted shouts before
Remaining Characters - A small box on the shoutbox indicates how many characters remain for typing
Captcha - A captcha image code can be displayed for non registered users to prevent spam
Archive - View all shouts ever made in pages
Form Location - Show the post form either on top, or at the bottom of the shoutbox. Can be set in the admin panel
Ajaxed Users Online - This updates the 'users online' number at the top of the shoutbox every 10 seconds. After 5 minutes of no change, the script will stop updating.
Ajaxed Shout Refreshes - This refreshes the shouts every 25 seconds. After 5 minutes of no change, the script will stop updating and a small red bar will be displayed at the top to indicate this. The colour can be changed, and the displaying of this bar can be turned off from the admin panel
Ajaxed Shout Posting - Post a shout without a full shoutbox refresh
Shoutbox Title - Text that appears at the top of the shoutbox
Shoutbox Width - Width of the shoutbox
Number of Shouts Displayed - In the main shoutbox
User Online Time Limit - Used for calculating the amount of users online
Paused Mode - Hide the shoutbox while making changes
Smileys - Turn them On/Off
USBC - Turn them On/Off
Shouts In iFrame - Displays the shouts in an iframe to better fit the shoutbox on your website (optional)
Edit Field Lengths - Minimum/Maximun Name, Website and Message length
Language Selection - Select a language of your choice for all shoutbox text
Sticky Shout Icon - Change the icon used
Header and Footer - Enter (html) text/scripts at the top and bottom of your shoutbox
Edit Smileys - Change their URLs and code
Edit Shoutbox Colors/Font - Change the appearance
Pre-Made Smiley Sets - You can choose any
Pre-Made Skins - You can choose any
New/Sticky Icons - Choose a New/Sticky icon colour
Alternating Row Colour - Select this is you wish to alternate shout row colours
Divider line - Selects if you wish to show a divider line between shouts
Date/Time notation - Select the date/time notation as displayed in shouts
Date/Time in posts - Show date/time in shouts, or as mouseover
Timezone offset - Select the timezone offset
Remove bars - A set of options in the admin panel, to remove the seperation bars from the shoutbox.
Alternative form - An alternative post form which makes wider shoutboxes look better. This is displayed automatically for shoutboxes larger than 299px. It is also possible to manually enable this for smaller boxes.
RTL orientation - Adminpanel option to show the main shoutbox in RTL (Right-to-Left) format for those languages that use this format.
Shout list orientation - Adminpanel option to show the shouts in either Ascending (newest at the bottom) or Descending (newest on top) order.
Remove border - Adminpanel option to remove the shoutbox borders. This (also in combination with the removal of seperation bars) allows for seamless integration on your website.
Visible ajax polling - This feature allows users to see when the shoutbox polls the server to check for new shouts. it replaces the smilie icon on the top right every time it polls.
Avatar in sticky - This admin selectable item allows for the avatar (if present) to be shown instead of the sticky icon on stickied shouts.
Shouts below name - Adminpanel option to show the shouts directly below the poster's name, instead of directly after the name. This is useful for smaller boxes.
Save skin - Adminpanel option to save your skins. This allows for the use of more than one skin as preset.
Submit skin - Adminpanel option to send your current skin to the iShoutbox admin so that (if accepted) it may be used by everyone.
Anti Spam
Word/url list - We maintain our own bad word/url list that contain urls/words used by spammers
ModSecurity - We have a very extensive range of ModSecurity rules to prevent spammers from posting. A hit will result in a 403 page
Captcha - You can set a captcha image to be displayed for not registered users
Akismet - You can opt to use Akismet spam filtering. The same system that is in use at Wordpress
Tor Check - This checks if a user is posting a shout through the Tor network, and deny it accordingly
RBL check - Set this to have the IP's of shout posters checked against several public RBL blacklists
Autoban   Set this to automatically ban an IP address if the poster of shout hits our word/url list, Akismet, or Blacklist
Shouts Administration
View Shouts - With IPs
Edit Shouts - Change shouts
Search Shouts - Find a certain shout by word, URL, ip
Define a Sticky Shout - Mark certain shouts so that they always appear at the top
Delete Shouts - Delete individual or selection of shouts (they will be moved to the recycle bin)
Restore Shouts - Restore individual or selection of shouts from the recycle bin
Who Deleted - See who last deleted a shout
Empty Bin - Empty the recycle bin
Ban user ip - Add the ip address to the banlist.
Report as spam - Report the shout to the iShoutbox admin as spam. Similar shouts may then be filtered globally to prevent similar spam.
Ban IPs   Stop people shouting with that IP, including IP ranges.
Word Filters   Automatically change any word you like to something else
Alphanumeric   Allow/Disallow the use of foreign characters in the name field
Reserved names   Maintain a list of names that cannot be used to register or post.
User System (if enabled in the admin panel)
Enable Registrations - Allow everyone to register themselves on your shoutbox, thereby securing their name against imposters
New User Notification - Sends you a new e-mail when a new user has registered
Avatars - Allow/Disallow avatars (user images). These are standard images that come with the shoutbox, and users can select one of those
Gravatars - If the avatar option is set, you can also opt to allow the use of Gravatars, so that users can use their own avatar
Disable Guest Posting - Only allows registered users to post shouts.
Notification - Get an email when there is a new shout.
Show Online Status - Shows the Online/Offline status of a registered user in each shout
Edit Profile - Users can edit their own profile to change their e-mail address, password, avatar
Keep logged in - Allows users to stay logged in
User System Admin
Edit Your Profile - Edit your own profile
Member List - Lists all registered members on your shoutbox.
Suspend members - Suspend a member from being able to login
Edit members - Edit member profiles
Set usergroup - Set the authentication group to which the user belongs (user, moderator, admin). The Admin group is almost equal to the Owner group
Delete members - Delete one or more members
Add members - Manually add members. Useful if you disallow users from registering themselves
E-Mail filter - Restrict certain e-mail addresses/domains from being used to register on your shoutbox
Moderation - If the user system is enabled, you can select certain users to be moderators or admins. After logging in, they can open a window to moderate shouts. Ofcourse they can only moderate shouts that are posted by a user with an equal or lower group setting than they are. That means that Moderator group members can not moderate shouts made by Admins or the Owner
Importer - Import settings, skin and shouts from the old version of, and
Notification - Optional setting. Get an email when there is a new shout (use with care, as you can receive quite a few e-mails this way if you have a popular shoutbox)
Usage Codes - Codes to add your shoutbox to your site quickly

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