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iShoutbox offers webmasters free remotely hosted shoutboxes for inclusion on their websites. What is a shoutbox? A shoutbox, which is also known as a tagboard, saybox, chatterbox or a chatbox, is an easy to add messaging service which allows your visitors to leave messages for you and the other visitors to your website, like a cross between a forum and an instant messaging service.

We offer full customization so that the colors of the shoutbox match your website fully. We currently offer 13 predefined skins and at least that many user created skins, and 6 smilie sets. The skins can be completely customized, and you can also define your own smilies and smilie codes. All the shoutbox functions are free and unrestricted (no paid versions).

We also offer technical support on our community forum., where you can post any questions, bugs, new smilie sets, or problems you might be having. The forum is located at the chat4all site, which offers (free of charge) chatrooms that can be added to websites. Different from shoutboxes, but also a lot of fun. Read more about chat4all here.

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2013-11-17 - Large iShoutbox update

We have released a large update to the shoutbox system. For a complete review of all the changed/new options, see:,1240.0.html

As always, if you find a bug (any bug), please let me know by opening a
support ticket at:

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